September 2013

Effective Living

The Call of God (Exodus 3-4)

Special Delivery (Exodus 2)

Bondage in Egypt (Exodus 1)

August 2013

Mallik: Follow Me

*the beginning of this sermon was not recorded* This week’s sermon was inspired by the Alaskan word mallik, which loosely translates to “follow me.”

Like an Eagle

Why Does God Allow Bad Things?

Rescued from the Storm

The first sermon of the new series inspired by last week’s mission trip to Kenai, Alaska. Note: at the beginning, the song referred to is “Praise You in this Storm” by Casting Crowns ***CAUTION – some parts refer to adult situations, and parents are encouraged to listen before deciding to allow small children to hear.***

July 2013

“Ready to Go” & “Just One Drop”

This Sunday Pastor Philip gave a charge to all the missionaries headed to Alaska in 2 days, and a charge to the church body to pray consistently throughout the week to support those efforts. This is followed by a time of prayer as church members laid hands on the missionaries, as mentioned in Acts 13. […]

Have You Seen Him?