May 2017

The Picture Before Us

April 2017

Fight For Your Family (Child Dedication)

March 2017

A Better Way

Today’s message was delivered by Kevin Lott. Kevin and his family will be joined by several others as they establish and grow a new church in Portland, Oregon. For more information about their ministry please visit or find them on Facebook at  @eastbridgepdx. 

January 2017


November 2016

Don’t Miss Out On More

Worth The Fight

A Church That Glorifies The Lord 2

October 2016

A Church That Glorifies The Lord

Unchanged in a Changing World

August 2016

Going for God’s Goal

Today’s sermon is centered around Philippians 3:12-14, as well as this trending picture of Michael Phelps and an opponent during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Unfortunately the first couple minutes of the sermon did not record, but it picks up near the beginning where Philip is talking about our focus. Like Phelps in this picture, we […]