July 2013

“Ready to Go” & “Just One Drop”

This Sunday Pastor Philip gave a charge to all the missionaries headed to Alaska in 2 days, and a charge to the church body to pray consistently throughout the week to support those efforts. This is followed by a time of prayer as church members laid hands on the missionaries, as mentioned in Acts 13.

The 1st message is followed by a short sermon (beginning at 34:28) aimed straight at the heart of our faith – Christ’s blood. Each person in attendance was given a small read bead to be carried throughout each day as a reminder to reflect on and share the power of Christ’s blood. We pray that this message helps you to spread the Good News of Jesus’ work on the cross.

Have You Seen Him?

Contentment Is a Killer

June 2013

How to Walk on a Tightrope

Sermon inspired by Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX_jFK9Zf5k

REVEALED :: God’s Grace

What Jairus’ Daughter Saw (Father’s Day)

REVEALED :: Sin Enters

To The Graduates

May 2013

Memorial Day

Memorial Day sermon preached by Howard Chaney – great reminder to look back at your Christian walk with a critical eye and audit where you stand in your faith!

Holy Spirit Power (Pentecost)