November 2013

Water & War: God Provides (Exodus 17)

Manna: The Bread of Life (Exodus 16)

The video Philip refers to can be viewed at

October 2013

Dealing With Disappointment (Exodus 15)

The Great Escape (Exodus 14)

Pharaoh Compromises (Exodus 8-10)

The Blood Made the Difference (Exodus 7-12)

The song referenced by Pastor Philip at the beginning is “Changed” by Rascal Flatts (CCLI#6280709 by LeVox, Thrasher & Mobley).

September 2013

Deliverance in the Midst of Doubt (Exodus 5-6)

Effective Living

The Call of God (Exodus 3-4)

Special Delivery (Exodus 2)