August 2017


Today’s sermon included a special message for several high school graduates who are preparing to start college this fall. However, the overall message is directed at everyone, regardless of age or season in life. There were several videos included throughout the service. The first video is a special message from our overseas missionaries Daniel, Laura and Josie Peal ( Later on in the service Philip also showed a short home video of a teenager jumping off a cliff into a pond, followed by a little girl being held by her father also jumping into the water (courtesy of the Hanna family).

July 2017

Passion Killers 2

Passion Killers Part 1

Stephen’s Stand

Lydia: Open Doors

What’s It Worth?

June 2017

Dorcas’ Influence

This sermon was preceded by a reference to the previous week’s VBS. The theme this summer was Rome: Paul and the Underground Church, and Pastor Philip played the part of the Roman guard (“Brutus”) assigned to oversee “Paul” during his house arrest. Throughout the week, the kids saw Brutus change from a surly and intimidating guard to a compassionate follower of Christ.

Lion Chasers

The Character of Caleb