April 2020

2 Samuel 9: Grace So Amazing

Seeking Jesus

2 Samuel 8: Victory List

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March 2020

2 Samuel 7: When ‘Good’ Requests Are Denied

Today’s sermon was also recorded via Facebook Live. To watch the video please visit Facebook.com/BrookhavenFellowshipSC. We’re continuing to pray for each of you during these unprecedented times!

2 Samuel 6: The Ark Returns & Lessons on Worship

Today’s sermon was also broadcast via Facebook Live for the benefit of those joining us remotely in light of Covid-19 concerns. To view the video recording, please visit our Facebook page: facebook.com/brookhavenfellowshipsc. We will continue to broadcast Sunday services live for the duration of the pandemic and social-distancing protocols. God bless each of you as together we seek to encourage love and comfort during these difficult times.

2 Samuel 5: Obedience Leads to Breakthrough

Child Dedication (and 2 Sam 4)

This significant family event overlaps with our current sermon series of 2 Samuel. Please read 2 Samuel 4 prior to listening to the sermon.

2 Samuel 3: Civil War Turns To Scandal

February 2020

2 Samuel 2: Established by God or Man

2 Samuel 1: David’s Mourning